[midgard-dev] Project infrastructure

Ala-Louvesniemi, Jarkko jarkko.ala-louvesniemi at puv.fi
Fri Jun 4 09:10:07 CEST 2010

>>> We recently had talks about setting up Continuous Integration system
>>> http://www.qaiku.com/channels/show/midgard/view/7c0da8426cc511df9d2ae3fb7b5425ed25ed/
>>> I hope it'll result in something :)
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_integration
>> So what do we actually want to accomplish? Make e.g. pushing to midgardproject repos going through automated tests and builds and only after when tests and builds succeed the change is applied to the official repo? Something like that?
> Nope.

I'd actually want that - for the official repos. Because then they would always at least compile and satisfy automated tests. That would improve the stability of the latest and greatest version automatically a lot. Which would make other developers' life easier because e.g. if you're developing some Midgard latest feature based app you could get the latest Midgard version without worrying it isn't in a consistent state...

> I want it to grab head-commits from all branches (including master), and:
> 1) try to build them
> 2) run all test suites
> 3) write results of #1 and #2 to database
> 4) provide web-interface, showing which commit broke which tests

This would be great for all repos. In addition to official repos, at least maintainer repos should have this too. Because then maintainer would see that changes are either ok to be pushed or not ok. Also we would instantly see if something is broken which helps a lot.


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