[midgard-dev] Midgard in the *CR world

Henri Bergius henri.bergius at iki.fi
Mon Aug 8 15:59:39 CEST 2011


Today here in the Desktop Summit we had a long chat with Piotras on
the future of Midgard2 and MidgardCR. The decisions were the

* libmidgard2 will remain our main API for the foreseeable future
* JCR-like MidgardCR classes from Midgard3 will be ported on top of Midgard2
* MidgardCR/Midgard3 is ditched, as the functionality will run on top
of Midgard2
* This means you'll have two ways to access Midgard2 content: classic
Midgard2 API, and CR
* The setup is quite similar to Midgard 1.7 where we had
`mgd_list_topic_articles` and friends, *and* Midgard Query Builder /
* We are in the process of specifying a JCR-like set of interfaces for
GObjects: https://github.com/midgardproject/GICR
* The CR APIs of Midgard2 will implement the GICR interfaces, and
other projects are also welcome to do so
* We will restart release numbering of libmidgard2 to follow
date-based releases. So next libmidgard2 will probably be 11.10
* php5-midgard2 will be abandoned as soon as PHP has proper GIR support
* There will be PHP-level compatibility classes mapping old,
non-namespaced Midgard class names to the GIR Midgard namespace

This, together with the Symfony2 compatibility work, should ensure
very good forward-compatibility to all current Midgard installations.
And it should free us to focus on interesting new functionality on a
single, smaller code base.


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