[midgard-dev] Symfony2, MidCOM and Midgard MVC

Henri Bergius henri.bergius at iki.fi
Fri Jul 8 16:17:46 CEST 2011


There has been some discussion, both between Midgardians, and with
Symfony2 people about merging our MVC efforts. They have very good
implementations of most parts of MVC stack, and this would be code we
do not need to write or maintain. Some of our concepts are missing
from Symfony2, but many of those could be written as "bundles" that
others could then also use.

One approach there would be to write compatibility layers, so that
MidCOM and Midgard MVC components could be used inside Symfony
applications. There is a precedent for this, Benjamin Eberlei of
Doctrine fame has written a similar compatibility layer between Zend
Framework and Symfony2:

With this and PHPCR, we would have a nice migration path for even the
oldest Ragnaroek sites to the new environment. You may have noticed
that OpenPSA is already getting ready for this:
  So this is the base we're having right now: A framework that
incorporates the experience gained from years of productive
deployments of MidCOM-based systems and that paves the way for all the
new Midgard2 hotness, with PHPCR on the horizon and more beyond.


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