[midgard-dev] Midgard and backwards compatibility

Henri Bergius henri.bergius at iki.fi
Mon Jul 11 17:21:47 CEST 2011

There are currently two good discussions going on the future of
Midgard. I'd recommend everybody to read and participate in them:

* Midgard in the *CR world
* Symfony2, MidCOM and Midgard MVC:

The basic idea in them is to form a clear plan on how Midgard will
look like in the future, but even more importantly to build a clear
route for backwards compatibility.

Our mission should be: "All Midgard content remains usable, and
everything you've learned of the Midgard user interfaces or APIs
remains there, regardless whether it is Midgard API itself, or MidCOM
and Midgard MVC. All of it just will have a new, modern environment to
run under"

On the content repository level this means being able to transfer
everything you have in a Ragnaroek or Midgard2 database into a
MidgardCR repository, and having all of it still available under the
classic Midgard API of query builders and MgdSchema classes. But at
the same time having the newer *CR (PHPCR, JCR, NoCR, MidgardCR) APIs

On web framework level this means being able to run existing MidCOM
and Midgard MVC components and websites just like they are, but having
the engine underneath swapped to Symfony2. And you'll be able to
mix-and-match, i.e. run a MidCOM component in a Midgard MVC site, or
utilize Symfony2 bundles in a MidCOM environment.

I hope this will work out. Then we finally have a way to bring the
communities (Midgard1 and Midgard2 have become quite separate)

Henri Bergius
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