[midgard-dev] developing the new m-p.org?

Piotr Pokora piotrek.pokora at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 21:19:10 CET 2011


> Then a "big page" for each product. Here we should focus on the new
> stuff first, as those are most severely impacted by our crappy web
> presence.
> A product page should contain:
> * Short abstract of the product, what it is for
> * Download instructions
> * Github link
> * Usage examples/documentation

I like it. Product page is almost the same, Alexey proposed for main 
page :)

And yes, every "product" should have own strategy and life cycle.

> Again, look at http://vowsjs.org/ and
> http://jashkenas.github.com/coffee-script/ for inspiration.
> On Midgard2 and MidgardCR pages the code examples should be shown with
> tabs containing the same example in different supported programming
> languages. I was thinking of using GitHub Gists for the code snippets.
> See for example http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/embed-github-gist/

As soon as we have workspaces stabilized, I'll start my personal project 
to create contextual documentation.

> Oh, and -1 for running this on the current m-p.org server. It seems
> horribly overloaded. But maybe we could have another Xen instance
> there, where we could have a modern OS and modern Midgard.

Maybe it's worth checking why it's overloaded so much?
I know, tarballs generation take some time and quite amount of server 
We could consider running current m-p.org website on top of Ragnaland?


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